A decade ago, two Irish globetrotters met while living in the Netherlands and bonded over a passion for interior design and home decor. We spent many memorable weekends and holidays browsing through Europe’s antique and vintage markets discovering beautiful pre-loved treasures.

In recent years we both have returned home, and while decorating our own homes we have enjoyed adding personality and character to our spaces with special finds from our wanderlust days.

And so… Vintica was born and is inspired by all things vintage, antique, beautiful and unique! Every home has a story to tell and adding a striking piece into the mix can transform a space and enhance that story.

We have curated a collection of special pieces from all over the world. Vintage items and timeless classics spanning an eclectic mix of periods and styles have been carefully selected by us and we are excited to bring a taste of these offerings to the Irish market.

Vintica cares about sustainability and we understand the importance of incorporating this into home design choices. Antique and vintage furnishings inherently have a lower carbon footprint as the lifecycle of these products is continuously extended with their repeated use and function. We appreciate the skills and craftsmanship that have gone into their creation and the stories they have carried through time. Our new items are carefully selected and ethically sourced to ensure natural and sustainable materials are used in their design. All of this while ensuring the highest quality and uniqueness for each of our pieces.

The products in our collection fit comfortably into a variety of design settings – we hope they will inspire you to add to the narrative of your own story.